About Our Company

Car Hire Cyprus is the leading online platform for all transportation professionals, car rental companies and limousine owners within the beautiful Country and island of Cyprus. Our purpose is to connect all tourist based travel professionals together, share ideas & experiences in order to make our professional lives a little bit easier.

We have been put on this earth to help each other out and this is the main purpose of this online platform. Even though it’s targeted for the transportation professionals located within Cyprus, we are all living in one world and under one God. So trying to find common creative ways to make our lives easier is a very good thing. In short: everyone that is in the transportation business, is welcome here.

Our long term goal is to be able to create an interactive platform, in which we engage in conversation not by simply commenting on a post, but having live chats. It is something we will be introducing to everyone, in the case that we have a good audience that enjoys reading all the material posted daily.

Limousine drivers, transportation agencies and companies: You are all welcome here and never feel like you don’t have a strong position in our community. We love you, and we want to hear from you.