Avoiding the tragic limousine accidents…

In this post, we will be talking about safety. My gosh has this topic been discussed so many times by many people before. But yet…we aren’t seeing safety in our roads. The sad part of this all is that we don’t see safety among professional drivers – people who drive vehicles for a living (like you and me.) Can you imagine the damaging results of being irresponsible in this job? Some people think medical doctors hold the hardest and most important – for life safety – job. And even though that may be true, if you can avoid sending someone to the hospital in the first place, I believe everyone would be much happier. In Medicine it is said that the whole structure of healthcare is focused on avoiding incidents, rather just treating them. So please do your job right and avoid filling up emergency rooms with people that simply wanted to go out on a luxury vehicle.



Leaving all the kidding aside, I can’t stress enough the importance of your job. Many limousine drivers and companies believe that they are simple entertainers. People who offer vacation services to stressed business people or high caliber persons. Your purpose isn’t to just transport them from point “a” to point “b” since a taxi could achieve that. Your purpose (and that’s the reason the fees to rent a limo are so high) is to offer a very comfortable, safe and premium transportation service. So the whole priority of our industry, is to make that trip easier and more relaxing for the passenger. Can you imagine if people got in our cars all stressed out? They simply wouldn’t rent a limousine but rather a cab. Excuse me if you find this to be funny, but this is the future of our industry. Above I linked to a CNN report on a horrible limousine tragedy that took place in California a few years ago. In that story (and most stories) it’s faulty vehicle service, minimum security checks and leaky gas tanks that were responsible. If you were a medical surgeon, wouldn’t you sterilize the operating tools? So why would you want to not pump up that tire with the air it needs to travel? Why not check your breaks and make sure everything is working perfectly?


Let’s imagine that the mechanical part of a vehicle is all taken care of. Thank goodness there are some strict safety checks conducted on professional vehicles. Isn’t the driver often a problem though? Why would you like to hire someone who always gets behind the wheel with a glass of wine in his hand? Why would you want to hire someone who smokes pot all day, and hides it in the trunk? Why would you want to hire irresponsible and non polite people to drive your customers around town? So many why’s…Maybe you find these alternatives to be less costly for your business. Maybe not getting a certified driver will save you money since you won’t be obligated to pay a larger salary. But do you understand that consequence of one bad mistake? Not only can they fine you greatly, they can also suspend your license and close down your shop. Is it worth risking your business and all those years of bloody sweat you put into those vehicles, for a few thousand dollars? I personally don’t think so. You may end up spending some extra money for safety percussion but it will take you a long way. First of all you won’t be killing people left and right. I’m not joking either. People are afraid of planes falling from the sky. What about the daily accidents that take place on the road so many times? What about the irresponsible professional drivers that simply don’t care about other people’s lives, let alone their own?


I know that many of you want regulations to thrive in order for you to do a responsible job. But does there always need to be someone watching your actions and operations? Aren’t you mature enough to understand the high risks you are encouraging by not taking immediate practical action? Maybe I sound like an angry old man in this post. Maybe I appear to be a little sour. Tough…deal with it. People that want to take a vacation with their family or loved ones, aren’t supposed to put up with our nonsense and our lack of professionalism. It’s our duty to take care of them. That’s why they pay us. If they wanted to pay for a luxury limousine to drive off a cliff, they could choose to go bungee jumping. At least there would be a lot more fun there and an acknowledgment of danger.


If you have something you want to say to us in regards to this post, do so. Am simply speaking my mind in this post. Will try to be more polite in upcoming posts. 



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