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Taking care of your employees – why it’s important.

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woman-booking-limousine-gigsChristmas holidays are approaching, and no matter where you live in the world, there is some kind of holiday approaching. If it’s not for the Christmas holiday specifically, it is for the New Year that will be arriving soon. Last 11 months you and your employees in your limo business have been working hard (especially during high season) to make the most out of all work conducted, trying to maximize profits and customer care. Although you pay your employees at the end of every week, there is always a little extra something you feel that you should be giving them. It isn’t necessarily in the form of money. Simply the gratitude feeling I believe is something all employers have the need to satisfy.

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Deal Demanding Customers With Respect

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demanding-limousine-customerWe all have had that instance and situation where, no matter what we do as agency owners or limo drivers, we always get a frown from our customer. Reasons can vary: driver wasn’t extremely polite and helpful, interiors of vehicle were not spotless and had a some kind of stain that only exists when they are sitting in the back seat, the temperature wasn’t good enough, it’s a sunny day and so many other complaints.

Yes, many times it is indeed the limousine company’s fault for such unhappy situations. When you are for instance preparing a vehicle for a wedding, any dirty stain will remain on the white dress of the bride. So in such situations, it is okay for people to get ridiculously nervous about everything. In our long existence as a company and having seen a lot, my brain just can’t fully understand how was it possible that so many times there were dirty seats. I mean, have the decency to prepare the vehicle at least in the greatest part of it. It’s not good for business, if people always need to let you know how bad looking your vehicle is. Continue reading