Financial Crisis? What Crisis?

We are very excited to be making this second post on this platform. Main reason of excitement is because (you guessed it) it’s our second post. However we do want to touch on a topic of discussion that has been talked about over and over again. We would like to make a reference in regards to the way the limousine and transportation industry has been affected by the devastating events of 2008. What has happened with our industry? Has money slowed down and did people become more careful with their money?

As we all understand by now, people who like using limos or luxury vehicles, are usually wealthier people or people that like to show off in front of relatives and friends. Luxury vehicles, private chauffeurs and all that good stuff, have always been a symbol of power, wealth and independence. So what that really means is, that the persons that want to exceed all others and appear superior, will always look to use a luxury vehicle in their vacation our touristic ventures. There is always enough money to scrap up together, to pay for a vacation. Think about it: Did people stop taking vacations after the financial crisis took place? Well maybe some, but people simply switched to more economic solutions for their destinations. You see, people are addicted to travelling, having a good time and taking vacations. For some reason (maybe Hollywood is to be blame) no matter what event takes place, there will always be enough money, time and will to go on a vacation. I mean, who doesn’t like to vacation on a beautiful island such as Cyprus, right?

An extra thing that is happening and keeping our industry alive, is that as I said before, the people that want to appear superior and greater than the pack, will always take these executive – luxury travel solutions. It makes them feel better, and if a friend is looking, they’ll probably even rub it in their nose. So what this means really, is that perhaps our industry became slightly stronger as well. Because if everyone is living in a worst condition now, compared to 2007, then they will still want to push their ego and superiority. When other people are struggling financially and things aren’t going okay, it’s much easier to impress people with the life choices you make. Let me give you an example so you can get my point: Back in 2007 where everyone was living “rich lives” many people were using limousine services, private chauffeurs, party buses (and the list goes on.) Which means that back then, it wasn’t such a big deal or achievement to rent a limo. Everyone did it! Now though, where most people are wiser with their money and more strict, getting ahead in image is way easier. So if someone gets a small bonus from his job and has some kind of event coming up, he’ll definitely want to throw that money on something glamorous like a limousine. It’s all about psychology my friends. And our ego is always so big, that it will keep feeding our beautiful industry.

So what do you have to say in regards to the above opinion? Do you agree or disagree? Let us know. 

Here you go, with a beautiful “rich song” from my good old friend Tevye.

Come back later today for another exciting article.

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