Should I have fewer limousines than I need or more?

limousine-fleetSo in today’s article, I will touch briefly on a question that has been bugging me for the last few years. Which is: would I rather have more limousines and risk having those empty and not used on a daily basis? Or should I have fewer vehicles which would minimize insurance expenses, paying to service them and all that? Which is better? 

Many times, that’s the same question we ask our selves in our daily lives, which of course has a different format. Many times we wonder: should I work harder to have more things, even though I need fewer things for me? Should I risk going overboard with success and not know what to do with it? I know, these may seem as stupid questions and concerns one may have. But the lazy ones, will always have this fear and question in their minds.

So again my question is to you: Would you rather have fewer vehicles that are always booked, or more vehicles that may even stay in the driveway a few times in a week?

My personal answer to this could be either shorter or longer. To save you time, I will first give you the short answer to this problem/concern and will discuss around it further down. My personal belief is that you should always strive for more. More is a good word and if you are afraid having more vehicles may end up costing you more money, well then get off your fat behinds and start booking clients. In today’s age, there are so many ways you can get more clients. You should be happy that your industry has already been formed and there are existing paying customers. Imagine working in a field where you need to be innovative and need to create a product that doesn’t exist. Think of the tech industry with all the digital wonders taking place. That industry is hard! You always need to figure out new things people will want to grab on to. So, if those pioneers are finding ways to get their products sold, can’t you get more customers that are already buying limousine services? wedding-limousine

Be creative, figure out new forms of marketing, maybe even approach a local community or travel agencies and make deals with them to book their clients. God knows there are so many ways for you to fill those vehicles. So to give you the short answer to the above question: Have a few more vehicles, even if those aren’t being booked at a fast pace. And work hard to figure out ways to fill those empty seats that bad Monday day. Don’t ever settle for less because you are lazy. Money exists out there for you to go grab it, and you only need to grab a few of your competitor’s customers in order to be successful. Don’t take the lazy route with the fewer limousines.

Can you imagine if you only rely on a smaller fleet? Say something happens to one of your other vehicles and you are short a couple of them. Do you want to lose that customer and lose revenue? I don’t think so and I certainly would not like that. Always have an extra vehicle or two (and even drivers) and just figure out ways to book those limousines. This question reminds me of advice people give others: “live below your means.” That’s depressing! Why not create opportunity for more things and greater success? Why would you want to settle for less when you can have more, with a little bit more effort?

I don’t know how you feel about this all. Reach out to me with your comments if you like. I just know that if you settle too much, there will come a point and time where you will face some kind of disaster. And in that scenario, you always need to make sure you have some alternatives and ways to get through the stormy days. I wish you all the greatest of luck and remember: keeps those limousines filled with customers!

Stay safe and I’ll see you in upcoming posts. 

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